Watch Lucia's subtitled videos!

They are online!


Lucia Festival happens every mid-December, around Santa Lucia's celebrations but the audio works we present in Florence, are and will be available online! 

If you missed the festival and are curious to discover new stories, if you have been here, loved something madly and want to share it with friends, colleagues, mothers, sisters, grandparents.... LUCIA is on Vimeo, starting with the brand new works produced thanks to the mentoship programme YASS!  - Meteor Bodies by Kate Donovan, Iolanda mi nant de nòmini by STUDIOLANDA and A Stork Story by Jasmina Al Qaisi - and beyond... The full 2021 edition is online as well as the 'historical' 2020 and 2019 programs. 

Whenever you have time, wherever you are, enjoy the listening!


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