You do remember Süden Radio, the open call for soundworks we launched a month you?

We have invited sound artists, radio producers, composers, activists and audio practitioners to help us go beyond the geographical threshold, to listen to South, to question our own way of listening. In our attempt to re-write new and unheard geographies of sound we invited them to reflect upon the Mediterranean discourse; the personal cartographies as a tool of re-appropriation of places and memories; the use and the circulation of audio archival materials in sound art and experimental audio production.
As multifaceted and multipolar it is the South, as diverse it is the collection of sounds and radio production we received, irreducible to a corpus or to a latitude, heterogeneous both in terms of language, formats and aesthetics. We have faced big challenges: how shall we chose between a soundscape composition, a radio drama or an archival mix? how do we understand? are we entitled to judge when the understanding is lacking? to culturally translate what we listen to? Shall we let ourselves get surprised? Shall we lower our aesthetic shields? The questions are still open...

And by listening, sometimes we really drifted away from our space, trapped in sound bubbles, lost in other cities, places, sites, mesmerized; we travelled across the Mediterranean sea and we happened to share personal memories, emotional maps, collective icons, we sat with a group of African women chitchatting, we faced a wall, we cursed at Skype and we thanked God it exists, we celebrated together with hundreds of Greek sailors, we went to Istanbul, to Macedonia, we listened to imaginary soundscapes and third soundscapes, abandoned places and electronic Souths. It was thrilling, it was a real journey through geographies, stories, individual and national narrations. 

We invite you to listen then and we are glad to release the shortlist of soundworks Lucrezia Cippitelli, Chloé Despax and Radio Papesse have selected.

WINNER: Alyssa Moxley | Epiphany

Valentina Bonizzi | Remote Orchestra | Bethlehem – Jerusalem - Tirana 
Pablo Sanz | Green Line
Charo Calvo | Qualia
Bartosz Panek | Peripherial cantata
Polisonum | Vacuum 
Toni Dimitrov | Macédoine: the utopian South vs. the dystopian West
Andrius Arutiunian | Fourteen Jack
Dimitri Voudouris | Praxis 
La Cosa Preziosa | Light gets in
Fannie Vrillaud | Stranded 
Lucien Gaudion | Nocturne 
Claudia Wegener | Yes Afrika women’s forum podcast 
Abdellah M. Hassak | Makan project - Think Tanger |Carnival in Casbah
Meira Asher | Still sleeping
Monica Serra | Oralità pastorale
Sam Coley | Dirty Coffee

Last but not least, we would like to thank all the participants. We got the chance to discover interesting practices and sound artists. Unfortunately not all of them were fitting the premises of our call. Nontheless, THANK YOU ALL FOR SUBMITTING YOUR WORKS! 

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