Soundscapes & Sound Identities is the 7th International Symposium on Soundscape organized by the Forum Klanglandschaft at the Beseno Castle, in Trentino Alto Adige. The symposium is hosted by Festival Portobeseno 2015.

From May 22nd to May 24th Radio Papesse will be streaming lectures, sound pieces and conversations with artists, scholars and producers, to better understand what we are talking about when we talk of the sound identities of places - there exists doubtlessly an acoustic identity of places, even in those which, due to the increasing uniformity of the contemporary world, end up being non-places - and which are the languages or the disciplines through which we can delve into this realm: bioacoustics and ecology, human and social science, enviromental physics.

If there exists an acoustic identity, it exists for somebody who perceives it as such. 

Speaking of identity thus, means speaking of the listener and not only of what produces the sound or affects its diffusion. The concept of identity, and in particular of sonic identity, may be looked at as a vital dimension in the problems of co-existence and conflict between different human groups, between living beings of different species, between living beings and the natural environment, thus as a problem or a form of ecology.

What are for us the aspects that give a context an acoustic identity, or when are we able to speak of it? Are there sounds, practices, contexts particularly apt to express such an identity, and why?

The international FKL symposium intends to offer an occasion for discussing these issues, for stimulating a reflection and dialogue within the acoustic community in the attempt to define, or to share as much as possible, the basis on which we build our ideas, and confer qualities of identity to the sonic contexts in which we live or which are around us.

Here it is the program available on Radio Papesse:


12.00 am
Stefano Zorzanello (I) - Identity and sound identity, which relations within the landscape?

3.00 pm 
Lorena Rocca (I) - Differential spaciality and sound identities compared: ongoing processess.
Massimo S. Russo (I) - Sounds and silence in form of identity?

4.20 pm
Fabrizio Latrofa (I) - From the European Landscape. Convention to parish maps: identity mapping of sounds
Nicola Di Croce (I) - Unseeable landscapes. For an identitary redefinition of the soundscape as intangible heritage

6.20 pm Listening session #1 
Nathan Hall (US) - Quick Tour (Minni Íslands)
Daniel Blinkhorn (AUS) - frostbYte - cHatTeR
Sam Salem (GB) - Too Late, Too Far
Stijn Govaere (B) - B'aakal
Pierre Thoma (CH) - Gares - stazioni
Benoit Bories (F) - Boyaca, une disparition 
Elissa Goodrich (AUS) - Oration 2: This Old Man

9.00 pm Listening session #2
Katharina Klement (A) - Peripheries (stück II, stück III)
Juan Carlos Vasquez (FIN) - Collage 4 "Landscape"
Una Lee (ROK) - Collage-S
Luc Messinezis (GR) - IsReal
Massimiliano Viel (I) - Allarme al Settimo Piano/ Alarm on 7th Floor
Nicolas, Rodriguez (RA) - El grito
Martina Claussen (A) - #Opera ; Dots & lines 
Peter Plos, Paule Perrier, Luiza Schulz (A) - L.A.B.
Wolfgang Dorninger (A) - Text2field-recordings


11.00 am
Xabier Erkizia (E) - SILENT SOUNDS - looking for soundscapes between the lines
11.50 am
Dio Anemogiannis (GR) - Soundscaping Ouseburn Lives: An interdisciplinary study about the appropriation of sounds as intangible cultural heritage and their use in the heritage interpretation practice.
Karin Aras (S) - Listen to the Bazaar! A cultural understanding of Sound-rooms

Vacuamoenia (I) - Metascape | Live streaming of the soundscape of Borgo Regalmici (Sicily)

3.00 pm
Elisa Chiodo (I) - The role of Sound and Communication Design in promotion of the identity of a territory
Emiliano Battistini (I) - Do cities lose their voice? Reflections on the concept of soundmark beginning with four cities

4.20 pm
M. Monari (I) - Ambienti sonori di vita e di lavoro: un caso di identità
M. Viel (I) - Quello che diamo per scontato dei suoni intorno a noi
C.Methrap (TR) - Soundwalking in Kurtulus Park
D. Prior (GB) - Ringing The Changes: an investigation into sound and power

6.20 pm Listening session #3
Francesco Fusaro (I) - A Room Of One's Own? 
Fabian, Avila Elizalde (MEX) - Irse (Leaving) 
Alessandra Eramo (D)
- 5am. ILVA's drone and seagulls on Mar Piccolo's wharf, Taranto (Italy) 
- Soundscape of Taranto on Sunset. 
- Flag-lowering cerimony of the Navy, Gunshots and Santa Claus, Sea waves and boats
Valery Vermeulen (B) - Mikromedas 
Pietro La Rocca (I) - 1 Maggio Alimena-festa di S.Giuseppe 
Alexandra Spence (AUS) - Nankai 
Kazuya Ishigami (J) - OHENRO 
Lucio Santin (I) - Sound and Change in Lampedusa


10.30 pm
A.C. Montibeller (PE) - Soundscape of Historical Center of Lima- Perú
J. Reinsel (USA) - Sound Cairns: Virtual Spaces

12.10 pm
A. Haun (D) - Denkmal - Hörmal
C. Whright (GB) - The Identity of the Everyday
M. Papadomanolaki (GB) - Perceptive Ecologies In Spaces Of Ephemeral Encounters

The complete program is available HERE
The full Portobeseno Festival 2015 program is available HERE.

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