Open Radio - Judith Raum presents Eser

Save the date : Saturday September 5th, 2016


Around 7.00 pm on Saturday September the 5th, OPEN RADIO will broadcast Judith Raum ESER book launch.

Together with art historian and critic Sabeth Buchmann, Raum will be seating at Radio Papesse's desk in the garden, to present her new book published by Archive Books and comprising a beautifully orchestrated assemblage of archival materials, drawings, installations, photographs, texts and scripts for performances.

ESER is a sort or diary of her research journey into the history of the German entrepreneurial penetration pacifique in Anatolia, in the Nineteenth century when the Deutsche Bank initiated funding the construction of the so called Bagdadbahn.

A long journey - years and years of field and archival research, many visits onsite between 2010 and 2012, thousands of letters and documents worked the attempt to make light on the gently sloping histories, the alternative narratives, the stories of resistance and counter-economies linked to the colonial policy of the German Reich. 

Judith Raum is 2015 fellow artist at Villa Romana. She studied visual arts as well as philosophy and psychoanalysis. She works with lecture-performances and installations comprising found objects, props, archival materials, textiles, drawing and watercolours. In her work, historical research and the artistic practice are parts of a wider cognitive process.

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