Shadow Walks - Viv Corringham's talk about her practice and her work-in-progress in Florence.
October, 8th 2012, Villa Romana, Florence, 6.30 pm

Shadow-walks is an ongoing project that responds to people's relationship with familiar places. It involves three main activities: walking with others, listening, and improvised singing. In Florence she'll be walking in the Rifredi/Statuto neighbourhood and her work will be realized with the support and collaboration of Fosca.

We then will meet Viv again in two days at Tempo Reale Festival:

October, 10th 2012
Tempo Reale Festival
Singing in place
Viv Corringham's Performance 
at Museo Marino Marini.

Singing in Place is a solo performance, using voice, electronics and environmental recordings. It combines live improvised singing with recordings made on walks in a variety of places, such as Ireland, London, and USA. These sound pieces integrate singing, narration and the sounds of the place.

Singing in Place is co-produced by Radio Papesse and Tempo Reale.

Viv Corringham


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