No man is an island

Following Judith Butler, a radio live show by Radio Papesse


SAVE THE DATE | May 17th, 7pm | No man is an island
Live radio show from Teatro Massimo in Cagliari

From our studio in Florence, at Villa Romana and back to back from Teatro Massimo in Cagliari, Radio Papesse is presenting a brand new radio show, No man is an island, born of the collaboration with indipendent curator Micaela Deiana who invited us to listen to our archive in the light of Judith Butler's theories concerning the bodies in alliance and the politics of the street.


We have gone through our audio archive, inspired by the suggestions of Butler's writings and we will accompany our listeners on a path that winds through interviews with artists and critics, sound art and field-recordings.


The thinking on the vulnerable body and on the allied bodies that claim their right of appearance becomes an opportunity to rethink Radio Papesse's radio practice. The idea of ​​precariousness - as a socially induced phenomenon - of responsibility and failure that become individual loads, are well present to our generation, the ethos of solidarity and interdependence seem almost entirely eroded. In this frame, Judith Butler offers us interesting ideas to think of radio as a precarious medium, when she writes of precariousness as a term of mediation, which acts as a space of alliance between groups of people, as a space of appearance, as a place where we define ourselves as a community of allied bodies. And if radio were this space?


The show will be in Italian. You might listen to it clicking on the SPEAKER on the top right corner of homepage.



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