Gender Bender - A call for soundworks

About gender, body, identity


In collaboration with Gender Bender - the international Festival dedicated to introducing the Italian public to the new imagery related to gender identity, sexual orientation and body representation stemming from contemporary culture - Radio Papesse is pleased to launch a public call for sound art works.
This call is open to radio producers, sound artists, podcasters and any kind of sound geeks.
There are no time, language or genre restrictions. Productions could be soundscapes, documentaries, readings, fiction...let your creativity be free!

The only bound is the theme. Gender Bender is very interested in artistic productions related to:
- The new representations of the body
- The renegotiation of the notion of identity
- The redefinition of gender roles and categories
- The new perception of the roles and stereotypes of masculine and feminine
- The imagery related to specific gender identities and sexual orientations, and their private and public relationship with contemporary art and culture business.

All the original soundworks that will be collected with this Call will be broadcasted on the webradio and will enter into the Radio Papesse sound archive accessibile on-line. Moreover, the sound we will love the most will be played within the Gender Bender venues and will be part of the press kit.

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