COMING SOON | Benjamin. Sounds along the tramway

From October 3rd to 6th, 2019


SAVE THE DATE | October 3rd-6th, 2019


Benjamin is a sound art festival at the tramway stops in Florence, Italy. For four days, between one service announcement and another, soundart will take over the tramway speakers and the travelers, urban commuters, residents and visitors, will become audience. The goal is to bring the travelers, the commuters, to a surprising elsewhere, to let them experience even just for brief moments other places: new, far away, real or imaginary...sonic travels to other panoramas than those they can see at the tramway stops.


Surprise, participation, interaction, dialogue, disorientation, fun, are the objectives that Radio Papesse will try to achieve with a schedule of audio works - selected via Open Call - that talk about travel and waiting.


Benjamin is also glad to share its journey with Sonic Somatic and Biodiversità Records
The festival is supported by Comune di Firenze and it would not be possible without the tech support and enthusiasm of GEST.

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