A Spring Like Day

A radio noir streaming on Radio Papesse


A radio drama created and produced by Stephen Mosblech and Blake Habermann. Sound designed by Oliver Input.
From September 6th until the 22nd, every Tuesday and Thursday at 12.30 and 6.30PM on Radio Papesse.

When a mysterious blonde saunters into the office of private detective John Skoog, to contract him to find her younger sister Rhoda Pulaski, who has gotten involved with a bad and violent man in Great Falls, Montana, Skoog's life descends into a maelstrom of murder, black outs, frame-ups and ultimate release.

It's always raining in the Tenderloin and not even a surprise visit from his favorite call girl Vanna Laforge can get private detective John Skoog up and out of the doldrums and make him forget the horrible events of his last case in Great Falls, Montana.

After a late night visit from a call girl with a problem, John Skoog finds himself parked on another stakeout, smack in the middle of Montana. He's about to find out just how real things can get in America.

Unable to forget, John Skoog starts to push away what he cares for most. A surprise encounter awaits in his dreams.

With Vanna gone, John Skoog decides to drink himself into a stupor, heading straight for a night in the clink and a morning full of unsettling news.

After the untimely demise of the love of his life, John Skoog faces one tough decision. Will he opt for revenge or try to move on?

After the standoff, A Spring Like Day has come at last for John Skoog. Has he finally won? Or is there one more trick up life's sleeve?

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