Radio Papesse turns 18! Come and celebrate with us!

July 8th, 2024 at Villa Romana


08.07.2024, 6.30 PM
Villa Romana, Firenze
Come and celebrate with us!

Last June 21, Radio Papesse turned 18 years old. 

And we with her. They are both many and few at the same time. They have all flown by and in the meantime we have grown up, quite literally. Forty years old with a creature of 18 -- pas mal. 

On July 8, in the house that has hosted us since 2011, we will celebrate the past and the future of Radio Papesse and it would be nice if we could do so surrounded by amich3 and collegh3 with whom we have listened, chatted, shared stories, thought and planned. 

For the anniversary, with a bit of nostalgia, we asked Giulia Deval to dive into our archive and curate a listening selection that we will present under the great olive tree of Villa Romana.

What does this story need? is a tracklist made from the corpus of interviews collected in the Radio Papesse archive from 2006 to the present, a digression through a multitude of voices that takes as its subject what is most deeply connected to radio: storytelling in its many forms, memory and memory-making, orality, writing, recording, knowledge and technology, power, resistance and archiving itself. 

Marginal and en passant ruminations on these themes, excerpted from broader and more diverse discourses, unfold in a unique flow by links of affinity or contrast that show the necessity at the heart of nearly two decades of interviews: stealing Chus Martinez's words, "it's a very interesting exercise to figure out where we place ourselves in relation to the real." 

Featuring the voices of, among others, Guillermo Faivovich & Nicolas Goldberg, Etel Adnan, Ragnar Kjartansson, Nari Ward, Rossella Biscotti, Chus Martinez, Dora Garcia, Adelita Husni Bey, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Walter Mignolo and Joao Ribas.

Giulia Deval, ph. Davide Piferi de Simone.

The evening continues with music and sounds by some very special friends of Radio Papesse (surprise!), at the bar and with us, for our 2024 membership campaign - and you might also take home a nice must have Muttnik-designed totebag!

As you know, by joining Radio Papesse you not only become part of a community of kindred spirits, fans of radio and audio narratives, sound experimentation and contemporary art, but you also support our operating, ordinary and extraordinary activities, training events and the online survival of the archive.

To wrap up, it will be the occasion to say goodbye to Ilaria Gadenz, who is leaving her daily work at Radio Papesse after 18 years, and to welcome and get to know Luisa Santacesaria, who joined the association's board of directors a few weeks ago. 


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