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Edgardo Rudnitzky

1 Edgardo Rudnitzky - Little Music.mp3

2 Edgardo Rudnitzky - Twilight.mp3

3 Edgardo Rudnitzky - Twilight Japan Version.mp3

4 Edgardo Rudnitzky - The Singers Room.mp3

5 Edgardo Rudnitzky - La Ascencion.mp3

6 Edgardo Rudnitzky - Potestad.mp3

7 Edgardo Rudnitzky - Un cuento aleman (A German Short Story).mp3

8 Edgardo Rudnitzky - Tout pour 1 Euro.mp3

9 Edgardo Rudnitzky - Le cant des Sirens.mp3

17 NOVEMBRE 2009
Edgardo Rudnitzky was born in Buenos Aires in 1965. He is a composer, a sound artist and a percussionist. He has been involved in theatre as sound designer for theatrical settings, contemporary dance and also for films. Among his various collaborations with artists, we would like to point the one with the Argentinian artist Jorge Macchi out. As Macchi recently told us, they first met “on stage”– it was the late ‘90s – and Edgardo gave him that sense of collaboration, typical in theatrical production, that was completely out of his mind at that time. Ever since they have been worked together and always kept the visual and the sound components of a work being complementary and at the same level: just to mention some of their collaborations, in 2004 they worked on an unconventional Buenos Aires tourist guide, in 2005 they are commissioned to represent Argentina at the Venice Biennale, in 2008 they have asked to work in New Orleans for Prospect 1.

Here you can listen to some of his compositions accompanied below by some brief author’s notes.
Many thanks to Edgardo Rudnitzky for having put those work at our disposal.
You may find more info at www.rudni.com .

Installation and performance at Prospect 1 New Orleans, 2008.

Little Music is a collaboration with Jorge Macchi, it was produced in the occasion of the Biennial Prospect 1 in New Orleans. The piece is located near the City Park, in the Bayou Saint John, a channel that used to connect Mississipi river with Pontchatrian lake. We have created five paddle boats that the public can ride, drawing from the tradition of paddle boats in City Park before Hurricane Katrina.
Each one of the boats has the six paddle wheel associated to a giant kalimba installed on the back of the seat. The paddles have teeth that activate the metal keys of the instrument like in a musical box. In this way the people produce music when pedaling. The sounds coming from the boats mix at random but harmonically controled, due to the use of a pentatonic scale.
The name kalimba is a Bantu word which means ‘little music’.
What you can listen here is a kind of "documental" version I did for radiopapesse mixing the sounds of the paddle boats out of the water with sound field recordings during Prospect.1 and the sound of some video footage.

Performance and sound installation
Duration: 20 minutes
For Glassarmonica and Max/MSP patch.

This work is part of the project Light Music we produced together with visual artist Jorge Macchi comissioned by the University of Essex. That took place at Firstsite, in Colchester.
The image: a bulb crossing diagonally and up to down a room and dimming. At the same time a musical piece is listened.
In the beginning of the piece the score is written disposing all the notes of the instrument. From time to time each note of the instrument disappears of the score. At the same time and through the Max/MSP patch, the endless resonance of the missing note starts to be listened from the other angle of the room where is a loudspeaker. Then in the middle of the performance the musician plays just with the half of the notes of the instrument, and from the other angle we can listen to a cluster of all the sustained sounds that the musician doesn’t play anymore. In the end of the piece the musician plays just one note and from the other angle the cluster of all the notes can be heard.

TWILIGHT. Japan version
Performance and sound installation
For Kokyu and Max/MSP patch.

This version of the work Twilight produced in the occasion of the Yokohama Triennale, performed at the temple TOKEI JI, introduced some important changes in the original version (2006). The temple is in the middle of a Japanese garden with a great variety of birds, insects, plants and trees. Because of this there was a very interesting interaction between the sound of the performance and the sound coming from the surroundings. On the other hand, a new piece composed for kokyu, a originally Chinese violin but strong tradition in Japan, putting the stress on the relation between sound and silence. In this sense the relation between the music from the Kokyu and the processed sounds was more dramatic than in the original version.

Duration: 7 minutes
Video projection on 4 glasses and Whispering windows audio system.

This piece is part together with Twilight of the project Light Music comissioned by the University of Essex, in collaboration with visual artist Jorge Macchi
The musical score is for 4 female voices.
Four layers of glass where white letters of a deconstructed poem are projected on them and “singing” the English phonetic of the letter or letters every time they appeared and from the glass they appeared. 
The letters will appear and disappear playing with the idea of erasing the text.

Duration: 12 minutes
Site specific installation
For Viola da Gamba and Trampoline.

That pieced was produced - in collaboration with visual artist Jorge Macchi - in occasion of the 51th Venice Biennial in the Antico Oratorio di San Filippo Neri. The music is written for Viola da Gamba and the "percussion" sounds produced by an acrobat jumping on the trampoline following the music score.
The recording was doing on place and we did in occasion of the Biennial opening. After that, an audio equipment was placed reproducing the recording of the piece.

Buenos Aires 2002
Film directed by Cesar D’Angiolillo
Clarinet. Bass Clarinet. Recorders. Toys. Percussion. Piano.

UN CUENTO ALEMÁN (A German Short Story)
Buenos Aires 1997
Theater piece written and directed by Alejandro Tantanián
3 Violins, string quartet, noises.


Le cant des Sirens (Mermaid's song) is a site specific sound installation I produced in ocasion of the III Bienale of Jafre (2007)
Jafre is a very small and lovely town in Catalunya (Spain) near Figueras and Girona. I went to Jafre some time in advance with the idea of workING with the traditional lullabies that grandmas and mothers sang to her babies. Once there I started to recording grandmas of the town, on the streets or in the shops singing lullabies and childhood songs. In the process I realized that there was far a main traditional lullaby for them, La iuna, la pruna (The moon, the plum).
I concived a 5.1 sound loop and the loudspeakers were placed inside natural holes in the Church side wall, facing the trees of the former cementery of Jafre.

Paris 2002
Fragment of Marchais project.
Material recorded at different street markets in Paris.

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