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Radio Papesse

21 MAGGIO 2008
Radio Papesse was born in 2006 within the Palazzo delle Papesse Contemporary Art Center, Siena, Italy.

It was meant to serve as a platform wherein get in touch with contemporary art and those production at the crossroad between music, sound art, visual art and new ways of storytelling.
We aim to associate a discourse on contemporary art and the sonic dimension of contemporary culture together with music and listenings you wouldn’t find on other radios.

Radio Papesse is an open on-line and on-demand audio archive.
We do support the free circulation of ideas and knowledge through the use of the Creative Commons Licence: we venture in the production of interviews, documentaries and audioguides; in collaboration with museums, biennial, institutions, we do both explore new ways of adding value to the process of cultural production and pave more accessible ways towards contemporary culture.
Among the most recent collaborations - just to name a few: Manifesta 8, Liverpool Biennial, Furla Foundation, Contemporary Art Festival in Faenza, Screen of the Arts Film Festival, Galleria Civica of Modena,...

Radio Papesse is a web radio streaming 24/7: among the easier listenings, we give room to experimental audio productions, sound art, sound poetry and soundscapes.

Since January 2009 Radio Papesse has moved forward indipendently and it’s now a non-profit cultural association. It is member of Radia and WRA.


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