TitleAuthor GenreYearTag
Wenn ich gen sueden schaue, sehe ich meine fuesse D. Burke Mahoney Electroacoustic 2013 South, perspective, feet, Süden Radio 2013
Topography of Darkness Martin Bédard Electroacoustic 2007 night, Alexander Zinoviev, Martin Bédard, darkness
Standard Map & Cusp Map (Binaural Mix) Florian Hecker Electroacoustic 2008 Florian Hecker, Tobi Maier, Radio Epode, soundscape composition
Running Dog SEC, Mimmo Napolitano Electroacoustic 2013 South, Naples, Mimmo Napolitano, Süden Radio 2013
Npfai.1 - New Possibilities For African Instrument Dimitri Voudouris Electroacoustic 2008 Ismail Farouk, Dimitri Voudouris, South Africa, electroacoustic composition
Nocturne Luciene Gaudion Electroacoustic 2017 South, insects, electroacoustic composition, Süden Radio 2017
Mongdular Andy Birtwistle Electroacoustic 2008 Andy Birtwistle, sound archaeology, sound track, modernity
Magnetic South Peter Courtemanche, Absolute Value of Noise Electroacoustic 2013 South, science fiction, sun, electromagnetic sound
Light Gets In La Cosa Preziosa Electroacoustic 2017 South, Süden Radio 2017, Susanna Caprara, Pollino
Letzte Gebarde offener Munder Christian Banasik Electroacoustic 2007 Christian Banasik, Michael Wuestefeld, poetry, Gender Bender
Janterstelk Alessandro Olla Electroacoustic 2007 Alessandro Olla, electroacoustic composition, field recording, invisible cities
Empty Vessels | album Zander Blom Electroacoustic 2008 electroacoustic, South Africa, music, .ZA
Dust-Hum Derek Piotr Electroacoustic 2013 dust, electroacoustic composition, Derek Piotr, Süden Radio 2013
Check Point Martin Bedard Electroacoustic 2007 borders, call for soundworks, check point, Border Sounds
Brevi momenti di presenza Anatrofobia Electroacoustic
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